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Koordinati:{{{1}}}°′{{{2}}}″ -{{{4}}}°′{{{5}}}″ 

Karkerdış[bıvurne | çımey bıvurne]

Quick "how to"
To add Koordinati:57°′18″ -N°′4″  to the top of an article, use

These coordinates are in degrees, minutes, and seconds of arc.

To add Koordinati:44.112°′N″ -W°′{{{5}}}″  to the top of an article, use either



These coordinates are in decimal degrees.

  • Degrees, minutes and seconds must be separated by a pipe ("|").
  • Map datum should be WGS84.
  • Avoid excessive precision (0.0001° is <11 m, 1′′ is <31 m).
  • Latitude (N/S) must appear before longitude (E/W).
Optional coordinate parameters follow the longitude and are separated by an underscore ("_"):

Other optional parameters are separated by a pipe ("|"):

  • display
    display=inline (the default) to display in the body of the article only,
    display=title to display in the title only, or
    display=inline,title to display in both places.
  • name
    name=X to label the place on maps (default is PAGENAME)

Thus: {{coord|44.117|-87.913|dim:30_region:US-WI_type:event

|display=inline,title|name=accident site}}

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