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Xıl de be pusula Xıl de cıgeyrayışi
: So learn your language better. (also I self should learn Zazaki better)
:'''ps:''' now i see thank of Mirzali, that the verb "pêsena" of rencber aziz' song also exist in the northern dialect. so we have now only one word difference, the rest are phonetical differences, and this differences do exist in all languages. and this one word difference Sağyer is anyway a village name.
: also the german dialects have all their own codes, and i can understand ALL german dialects problemless, because i speak perfectly german:
: we speak in our city beside the standard german the bavarian mouth, and we have not any problems. but bavaria have an own code as dialect
: --[[User:Dersimıc|Dersimıc]] 18:3441, 4 Tebaxe 2008 (UTC)


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