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Xıl de be pusula Xıl de cıgeyrayışi
:::: Also, the language that is used by only two sysops here does not represent neither diq nor kiu. This language is a constructed language, and there is a separate procedure for constructed languages in Wikipedia. [[User:Xosere|Xosere]] 19:48, 4 Tebaxe 2008 (UTC)
::::: Which words do not exist in the central or southern dialect. The standard language what Asmên and Mirzali use is not artifical or constructed. The words are using of the normal people in the daily life. You self must create a so-called "Construced language".
:::: There are also phonetic differences between the southen and central dialect. Which word you will take for example "day"? Southern Zazas do use "rojı", Central Zazas "ruec". Whic word you will take for "language"? Central: zun, Southern: zıwan and other variants.
:::: So its came to the same result, you must also create then a new dialect, which is not using in the real life. And the only difference in this new "Construced" language will be, that it will be not 1-5 varianst of Northern, as "de(r)". Say me, what other variants except things of "de(r)" (Southern: dı, Cermig Mouth: dı[r]) and "be" (Southern: bı) are from the Northern? In which words are the northern variants without reason in favorism? The most variants are from Southern and Central, and we Northern Zazas have no any problem with this.
:::: You clip yourself self everytime to the language name, but dont think about the real results. You will dont enreach ''anything'' if you split the Northern Zazas from other Zazas. You will have futher the same phonetic problems, also without Northern Zazas.
:::: The problem is not, that you dont can understand. The problem is, that your Zazaki is not enough good. Then you were don't say, that you can understand the Varto dialect and not the Dersim dialect and show me the song "ere nina", whic is in the Dersim dialect 100% the same. Between this dialects are almost not differences, only phonetic differences. --[[User:Dersimıc|Dersimıc]] 13:42, 5 Tebaxe 2008 (UTC)


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