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[[Karber:|]] ([[Karber mesac:|mesac]] • İştırakiiştırakê besterneyayena pela dı çı grey karberi estecountCOIBotnoticeboardsuser page logsx-wikistatusLinkWatcher searchGoogle)

  • I adapted this from my own template, User:A. B./IPwhois, which I developed mostly for working with WikiProject Spam. As with User:A. B./IPwhois, since so much inappropriate linking is done in good faith and therefore not necessarily spamming, I did not want use a template incorporating a perjorative name such as vandal or spam.
  • Link labels explained:
    • "talk" -- User talk page
    • "contribs" -- User contributions
    • "deleted contribs" -- accessible to admins only
    • "what links to user page" -- Wikipedia pages linking to user's userpage
    • "count" -- edit count (Interiot's tool)
    • "COIBot" -- links to the COIBot user-report (if generated)
    • "noticeboards" -- search selected noticeboards such as WP:ANI; still requires you add user name on search page
  • Any smart template-writers know a way to fix this?
  • The Linkwatcher tool is temporarily off-line as of 10 October 2007
  • Note: This tool sometimes misses link additions
  • This tool also picks up link additions that are reversions of page blanking by vandalism patrollers and anti-vandalism bots, so not every link addition you turn up with this is spamming!
    • "Google"" searches user name
  • My template here doesn't properly handle queries with a space in them
  • Spammers frequently use the same user name both on Wikipedia and on other sites. Especially if they've posted in SEO-related forums, looking at their contributions elsewhere may uncover additional domains that need to be checked for spamming here.

Would it be useful to add a "block this user" feature for the benefit of admins?