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Categories put articles in order. But if there is no article and if there are dozens of categories, they make only chaos. As in this category. There is not a main article. There are 20 categories which related other countries but there is no article and no mention of them. Users expect that, at least there is a short information about the wars which mentioned those countries involved. But in the end, there are only articles of two soldiers of turkish republic. We create categories when they are necessary.—Gomadapeyam 21:55, 8 Nisane 2013 (UTC)

At least this is not an empty category. The categories do more good than harm. They are investment for near future. I recommend you to think and behave constructively, to provide categories to these articles to delete empty categories. Thank you. Takabeg (mesac) 23:17, 8 Nisane 2013 (UTC)

I didnt expect another answer :) coz thats what you always do, just changing the topic. We talk about Zazaki wikipedia here. Anyway I wanted to show that, people see what you do ;) But if you want to help Kurdish wikipedia, dont hesitate. Coz users dont have much time to spend as you there. you have said, you speak Kurdish when its necessary. so it will not be problem for you. You can create necessary categories and spend your time for something necessary and helpful :) Before you change the topic again, i want to say; these are my last words about categories here. cheers ;) —Gomadapeyam 08:00, 9 Nisane 2013 (UTC)