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This template is used to cite press release sources in Wikipedia articles. For general information about citations in Wikipedia articles, see Wikipedia:Citing sources.

A general discussion of the use of templates for adding citation of open-source web content to Wikipedia articles is available at Wikipedia:Citation templates.

Usage summary[çımeyi bıvurne]

All field names must be lowercase.

Common form[çımeyi bıvurne]

{{cite press release |title= |url= |publisher= |date= |accessdate=2024-02-24}}

All parameters[çımeyi bıvurne]

When copying all parameters, in either horizontal or vertical format, delete those you don't need.

Horizontal format:

{{cite press release |title= |publisher= |date= |url= |format= |language= |trans_title= |accessdate= |archiveurl= |archivedate= |quote= |ref= }}

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Required parameters[çımeyi bıvurne]

  • title: Title of the press release

Optional parameters[çımeyi bıvurne]

  • publisher: Issuer of press release
  • url: Link to the press release if available online. Start the url with the communications protocol e.g. http://.
    • format: Format, i.e. PDF. Don't specify for HTML (implied as default).
  • accessdate: Full date when item was accessed. Must not be wikilinked; see: MOS:DATE.
  • date: Full date of publication. Must not be wikilinked; see: MOS:DATE.
  • language: language of press release. Do not specify "English", as it is the default.
    • trans_title: Translated title of press release if it is in a foreign language.
  • archive parameters (if used, must be used both of them together)
    • archiveurl: The URL of an archived copy of a web page, if (or in case) the url becomes unavailable. Typically used to refer to services like WebCite and Archive.org.
    • archivedate: Date when the item was archived. Should not be wikilinked.
  • quote: Relevant quote from the press release.
  • ref: ID for anchor. By default, no anchor is generated. The ordinary nonempty value |ref=ID generates an anchor with the given ID; such a linkable reference can be made the target of wikilinks to full references, especially useful in short citations like shortened notes and parenthetical referencing. The special value |ref=harv generates an anchor suitable for the {{Harv}} template; see anchors for Harvard referencing templates.

Example[çımeyi bıvurne]

This input:

{{cite press release |url=http://autismspeaks.org/press/autism_speaks_can_complete.php |title=Autism Speaks and Cure Autism Now complete merger |publisher=Autism Speaks |date=2007-02-05 |accessdate=2007-11-01}}

produces this output:

Autism Speaks (2007-02-05). "Autism Speaks and Cure Autism Now complete merger". Press release. http://www.autismspeaks.org/press/autism_speaks_can_complete.php. Retrieved 2007-11-01.