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Orbital launches
First {{{first}}}
Last {{{last}}}
Total {{{total}}}
Successes {{{success}}}
Failures {{{failed}}}
Partial failures {{{partial}}}
Catalogued {{{catalogued}}}
National firsts
Spaceflight {{{firstflight}}}
Satellite {{{firstsat}}}
Orbital Launch {{{firstlaunch}}}
Space traveller {{{firsttrav}}}
Maiden Flights {{{maidens}}}
Retirements {{{retired}}}
Manned flights
Orbital {{{orbital}}}
Suborbital {{{suborbital}}}
Total travellers {{{totalcrew}}}
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Usage[çımey bıvırne]

{{Infobox year in spaceflight
|first= <!--date of the first orbital launch attempt of the year-->
|last= <!--date of the last orbital launch attempt of the year-->
|total= <!--total number of orbital launch attempts-->
|success= <!--number of successful orbital launches-->
|failed= <!--number of failed orbital launches (total launch failures only)-->
|partial= <!--number of partial failures (recoverable launch failures)-->
|catalogued= <!--number of orbital launches given COSPAR designations-->

|firstflight= <!--countries which conducted their first spaceflight-->
|firstsat= <!--countries which had their first satellite launched-->
|firstlaunch= <!--countries which conducted their first satellite launch-->
|firsttrav= <!--first person in space-->

|maidens= <!--Rockets which made their maiden flights-->
|retired= <!--Rockets which were retired from service-->

|orbital= <!--Number of manned orbital flights launched-->
|suborbital= <!--Number of manned suborbital flights launched-->
|totalcrew= <!--Number of people who were launched into space-->

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