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[bıvurne] Dokumantasyon

This template is used to identify what kind of page it or its subject page is.

Usage[çımeyi bıvurne]

{{pagetype | class | page= }}

Parameters[çımeyi bıvurne]


This unnamed parameter is optional and is used to distinguish between different non-article pages in mainspace (e.g. disambiguation pages and redirects). See below for details.


The name of a page. The default is the current page.


If set to yes then subjectspace pages will be treated the same as talkspace pages.

Output[çımeyi bıvurne]

Namespace class Output
Talk disambig, disamb, dab page
redirect, redir
anything else article
User talk anything page
MediaWiki talk
Help talk
Portal talk
Project talk
File talk anything file
Template talk anything template
Category talk anything category
Any subjectspace portal, project page
disambig, disamb, dab
redirect, redir
image, file file
template, temp, templ template
category, cat, categ category
anything else article