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Other "Did you know" facts...

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This template is designed to be used with the {{Random portal component}} and {{Random portal component with nominate}} templates.

Template layout[çımey bıvurnê]

{{Selected DYK
| image   = 
| size    = 
| caption = 
| text    = <!--- Required --->
| link    = 

Usage[çımey bıvurnê]

It is unnecessary to include braces, quotation marks or other wiki-markup in the template. The |text= field does allow the use of wiki-markup at the contributor's discretion.

  • image - Places an image relating to the subject of the article on the left side of the section.
  • size - Sets the image size, if left out or left blank it will default to 250px.
  • caption - Creates a caption for the image.
  • text - is the "Did you know" verbiage. No quotation marks needed.
  • link - is the link to the article the subject is referring.

Examples[çımey bıvurnê]

{{Selected DYK
| image   = Modern Charcuterie display.jpg
| size    = 
| caption = 
| text    = that '''charcuterie''' is derived ... ?
| link    = charcuterie

Will produce:

Modern charcuterie display
...that charcuterie is derived from the French words for "flesh" (chair) and "cooked" (cuit) is the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products such as bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, pâtés, and confit, primarily from pork. ?
Other "Did you know" facts...

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