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This is the {{Template shortcut}} template.

It can be used to show the names of shortcuts to a template.

It can take up to six shortcuts as parameters.

Usage[çımeyi bıvurne]

If you want to indicate that {{Uw-vandalism1}} has shortcuts named {{Uw-v1}}, {{Uw-vandal1}}, and {{Uw-vand1}}, then you could use one of:

{{template shortcut|uw-v1}}

{{template shortcut|uw-v1|uw-vand1}}

{{template shortcut|uw-v1|uw-vand1|uw-vandal1}}

Additional parameters[çımeyi bıvurne]

This template has some additional parameters.

"float=left" makes this template flow to the left of the page instead:

{{template shortcut|float=left|uw-v1}}

"pre=something", "pre2=something" and "pre3=something" feeds some text to show before the shortcut links but within the braces. This is mostly used to indicate that the template should be used with substitution. Then you can do like this:

{{template shortcut|pre=subst:|uw-v1|uw-vand1}}

{{template shortcut|uw-v1|pre2=subst:|uw-vand1|pre3=subst:|uw-vandal1}}

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