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Carlos Zema, a Brazilian singer who sings Brazilian music, is the oldest of three kids from an Italian-Brazilian family. Zema was born in Goiânia in the central State of Brazil called Goiás on March 24, 1979.

Zema has traveled all over the world and has participated in numerous Hard Rock and Heavy Metal projects.[1] He was selected by magazine readers in Brazil as the Top 10 best singer of all time in 2004 and 2007. He has also played in six other bands, had various other projects and has recorded 17 albums during his career. His 7th project called Z7, has been placed in the hands of well-known producer and virtuoso guitarist Stu Marshall, who plans to produce and record the album beginning in March of 2012.

Zema started his career in 1993, with a band called "Agazzy”. In 1994, the band changed some of its members giving birth to a new band named Nemesis. After a few months, the band changed its name into Heaven´s Guardian with Carlos Zema on vocals, Ericsson Marin on guitars and backing vocals, Alexandre Salino on drums, Bernardo Borghetti on bass-guitar and backing vocals, and Luiz Maurício on guitars and backing vocals. The band was voted the best band of 2004 in Brazil by the newspaper “Diário da Manhã” and played in various concerts with over a 100,000 audience. “Heaven´s Guardian” played around the globe with big names like Megadeth, Saxon, Shaman, Angra, Blind Guardian, Sepultura, O Rappa, Dr. Sin, Sonata Arctica, Overkill and Raimundos among others. In recent years, the band changed some of its members with Murilo Rassi on bass guitar, Fabiano Fernandes on bass guitar and backing vocals, and Paulo Martins on drums.

Carlos Zema has always been a very productive singer. He had several projects, one of which is “Vougan”( with GZus on bass guitar and backing vocals, Hugo Santiago on guitar and backing vocals, Acácio Carvalho on drums,and Felipe Moreira on keyboards) which has recorded two albums (Silent Souls – 2006 and Mind Exceeding – 2007). The Vougan had a large following in Japan where they were rated 8.5 in popularity by the Japanese Magazine Burrn!. They have also hit the road in a Pan American tour in 2008, where they played with the big names of rock such as Stryper , Saxon, Skid Row, After Forever, LA Guns, Warrant, Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies, Fuse, Winger and Twisted Sister among others.

Zema was also part of the American project called “Coldera” (Bill Hudson on guitar, John Slaughter on guitar and backing vocals, Adam Sagan on drums and Adrian Lambert on bass guitar) which got together with Vernon Neily, a world-known guitarist and producer, to put together a Stevie Wonder tribute in 2008.

In 2010, Zema, in collaboration with Heleno Vale of SoulSpell and with the assistance of Roland Grapow (Helloween, Masterplan), Zak Stevens and Jon Oliva (Savatage), Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden), Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth), Edu Falaschi (Angra) and Nando Fernandes (Hangar) released the album “The Labyrinth of Truths”.

In the same year, Carlos Zema contributed two tracks to Empires of Eden, a project written and organized by Stu Marshall, a famous Australian guitar player and producer. His track “Rising” has reached one of the best ratings in the music scene.


“Carlos Zema is a great metal voice and a very promising young singer…” Hansi Kürsch - Blind Guardian.

"Carlos sings with authority and passion, it was a pleasure to have him on my recording project and we will do more together" Vernon Neilly - CEO/PRES., Boosweet Enterprises LLC.

“Carlos Zema is a GREAT singer and and GREAT front man! Any band would be lucky to have him as their lead singer.” David Shankle - DSG / David Shankle Group / Holland / Manowar.

“... Carlos has helped me a lot with the Project, He has an excellent voice tone and versatility, his voice is strong and incomparable...” Heleno Vale – SoulSpell.


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