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Please note: I do not speak or read Zazaki. My native laguage is English. - dcljr (en:User talk:Dcljr)

Deletions[çımeyi bıvurne]

Dear Dcljr! Because of one person or two people, this wiki is out of joint. These people have it all mixed up, by their copy and paste method, misinformation, grammatical and writing mistakes. Intentioned people who used multiple sockpuppets too. I had been at this time because of the cancer in a treatment and could not take care of our wiki. For several months lately Takabeg helps me to eliminate the thoroughly unsuitable sites. In the erase-category are currently 0 pages. - Mirzali (mesac)

Hi, Dcljr. Thank you for your interest. Some pages of meta (such as A, B, C) will help you understand situation. Cheers. Takabeg (mesac) 04:33, 2 Çele 2013 (UTC)