Michelle Creber

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Michelle Creber
Joey Awards - Michelle Creber - Best Voice Actor.jpg
Melumato şexsi
Dewlete Kanada
Cınsiyet Cêniye
Cay biyayışi Vancouver
Gure Muzisyen u vengdayoğ (en)
Cınayış Vokal (d)
Website michellecreber.com

Michelle Nicole Creber (b. 7 Keşkelun 1999, Vancouver, Kolombiyay Britanya, Kanada) aktor, komedyen u senatkarê vengkerdışiyo.

Filmography[bıvurne | çımeyi bıvurne]

Michelle Creber performing at BronyCon (Baltimore, MD, 2016)
Michelle Creber performing in the musical FAME (Vancouver, BC, 2016)
Michelle Creber at the Leo Awards (Vancouver, BC, 2015)
Michelle Creber and Black Gryph0n signing autographs at Galacon (Germany, 2015)
Michelle Creber and The Living Tombstone on stage at BUCK convention (Manchester, UK, 2013)
Michelle Creber performing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Seattle, WA, 2013)
Michelle Creber and her father Michael Creber (right) performing at the Everfree NW Convention (Seattle, WA, 2013)

Animation[bıvurne | çımeyi bıvurne]

Serre Serey Role Note
2008 Peanuts Motion Comics Lucy
2009 The Adventures of Little Jake and Many Skies Little Jake
2010–2019 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle (singing voice until 2013)
2010 Dinosaur Train Teri, Michelle
2011 Barbie: A Perfect Christmas Chelsea Motion Capture
2012–2013 Martha Speaks Alice Boxwood (Season 4)
2012–present The New Adventures of Peter Pan Wendy Darling
2013 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Apple Bloom Uncredited
2014 Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Apple Bloom (minor)
2015 Nina's World Lead singer for Nina's World theme song
2016 Tooth and Tail Nomads of the North (Lizards) Video game
2017 My Little Pony: The Movie Apple Bloom

Live action[bıvurne | çımeyi bıvurne]

Serre Serey Role Note
2010 The Search for Santa Paws Taylor
Daydream Nation Girl
Supernatural Hilary Season 6, Episode 11: "Appointment in Samarra"
Eureka Radical Raccoon Teammate
2011–2014 R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour Amelia (episode: Dreamcatcher)
Jacquelyn (episode: Spores)
Nominated - Joey Award for Best Actress in Guest Starring Role (2015)
2011 Christmas Lodge Charlene
2012 Killer Among Us Ellie Won - Joey Award for Young Actress in a Made for TV Supporting Role (2014)
Smart Cookies Mattie
2012–present Saturday Night Songs Herself (only on the Everfree Network)
2013–present Speedy and Stretch Various (on the Everfree Network and YouTube) Nominated - Joey Award for Young Actress in a Lead Role in a Web-Based Series (2014)
2014 Patterson's Wager Otter Won - Oregon Independent Film Festival: Best Supporting Actress (2015)

Nominated - Joey Award for Best Actress in a Feature Film Supporting Role (2015)

BlackGryph0n's 50,000 Subscriber Special Herself (Video)
#TweetIt: Featuring My Little Pony Staff and Bronies Herself (Music Video)
2014–2015 Strange Empire Kelly Nominated  – Leo Award for Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series[1] (2015)

Nominated  – Joey Award for Best Actress in a TV Drama Leading Role[2] (2015)

2016 Date with Love Bree

Muzikal[bıvurne | çımeyi bıvurne]

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