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fıkrê şexsi[çımey bıvırne]

Bıraêne, fıkranê xuyê şexsi wertê meqaley de menusnê. Bıra ita eyni qesa ses rey tekrar kerda. Caê naine zerrê meqaley niyo. Nine gunê qısımê werênayışi/mınaqeşey de bınuşime. --mirzali 23:09, 10.Gucige/Sıbate 2007 (UTC)

Bırayene/Wayene ez wazenke Sımara ju ricade bibine,eke destbere Sımarake yeno teyniya Zazaye Dersim nii,Zazayene pöro Caunra resm pelga kere.

Yemi ju ricawa.

Zaf zaf Silam.

Zazas are Aryans - sounds really racist. If a German writes it, people would call him "The next Hitler"


You understood that wrong. The Zazas are really Aryans. The authors have even conducted extensive DNA-Tests: Zazas are Aryans, Asmen will be the next Hitler and Ali Ersoy next Goebbels! -- 00:59, 5 Kanun 2009 (UTC)

Claimin that zazas are aryan may not be racist comment as zazas did not genoside jews ,gypsis,and other than national socialists so same claim does not correspond as racist comment. secondarily claiming zazas are aryan is another mistake as dna tests does not suggest zazas are will take very long explination so i will keep it very short .

as zazas or kurds speaking indo-arian language branch of iran same is lurs gilanis mazandaranis balucs persians etc... y-mitokondrial dna test resulted persians lurs mazandaran gilaks etc are sharing arianic dna stocks but not kurds and zazas...there is some limited relativeness but kurds and zazas sharing north western caucasian dna stocks different than other arianic speaking branch of iran. historians and geneticians confirmed tests ,the kurds and zazas sharing same dna which can not be distinguised from each other so that one of them is another kurds must be zazas or zazas must be the kurds as is shows they both are same thing genetical results. further and deeper examinations tests into historical roots showed further relativeness to hurri-mitanni speakers so that it suggested kurds or zazas are descendent of local people who reside last 12 tousand year in northern mesopotomai and north west caucasia. so to say : kurds or zazas speak arianic language is true but to say kurds and zazas are arianic is wrong.language and dialect diversion evoluted after so many immigration,so that hurri-mitanni languages replaced with avesta-median-persian-parthian-tocharian-sogdian based langugages with mixture with local hurri-mitanni-urartu and other language which created present day kurdish nation and its diverted dialects. distinc differentation beetwen kurdish dialects comes from not centralised kurdish literature and distinctly improved independent from its central botan region. zazas and zazaki is less effected areas with more iranic influence in very closer time schedule after shia based safavids whereas southern region was more closer to sami speaking arami,asur,akkad,arabs nasturis and suryanis.sorani kurdish more influenzed by asuran,suriani or syriac while kurmanci was more influenzed by armenian ,arabs ....independent development of dialect teories follow same genetical divertion in time period....

I agree with you at 100%. Zaza are not aryans or hindians or gypsies... Their DNA show us only and only caucasian and mesopotamian stocks! Language is different, people is different! Exemple Mexicans and Bolivian speak spanish, but when you say mexicans and bolivians are iberics roots , it's wrong!Alsace38 (mesac) 14:17, 25 Gulane 2013 (UTC)