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Usage[çımeyi bıvurne]

Cartella newblue.jpg
Example Q-box

This is a sample Q-box (transcribed from /doc). Q-boxes are designed to be attractive and simple. To make a Q-box, simply use the following parameters:

| tab-text =
| border-color = 
| tab-background =
Your text to go inside the Q-box

tab-text (required) is what you want the tab to say at the top.

border-color (optional) can be any color that CSS understands, such as "blue", "black", "#FFAAAA" or "RGB(200, 100, 255)". The default is black. See also: List of colors and Web colors.

tab-background (optional) is the image to use for the tab. This image must be 187px wide and 37px high. Possibilities include the following:

The default is Cartella grigia.jpg.

Be sure to remember the </div> to go at the end of the box.

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