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[bıvurne] Dokumantasyon

The template {{Window home}} is a page layout for the various sections of the Italian Wikipedia main page. It uses conditional syntax, in which some of the parameters specified by the user are not displayed. Although the use of the template is quite simple, the way it is done behind the scenes is quite complicated:

Usage[çımeyi bıvurne]

To use this template just copy the text in the box below (which contains the complete syntax for template) and add it to the page you are working on it (see the example of use shown below) .

{{Window home
|title      =
|logo       =
|px         =
|caption    =
|head_color =
|body_color =
|foot_color =
|font_size  =
|content    =
|footer     =
[[File:[logo]|[px]px|[caption]]] [title]



Examples[çımeyi bıvurne]

{{Window home
|title      = Picture of the Day
|logo       = Nuvola camera.svg
|px         = 25
|caption    = Icona
|head_color = #C2D3FC
|body_color = #FFF
|foot_color = #FFC253
|font_size  = 90
|content    = {{POTD}}
|footer     = NeveFooter.gif
{{{caption}}} Picture of the Day

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