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Şar ma yenî etîya de nusenî. Şima zi yenî ze keyfê xo vurnenî. Ena Tako hama Kirdkî nizano. Ena kay ca verdîn. --Xosere (mesac) 17:04, 14 Adare 2013 (UTC)

@Karber:Xosere With your edit, you removed interwiki, you added needless link were added (see en:Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Linking). As long as I understand, you only want to use Kurdish characters. The creator of this article Karber:Seyidxan started this article with traditional Zazaki characters. You have to respect his/her first preference. Takabeg (mesac) 17:16, 14 Adare 2013 (UTC)
What? [1] / [2] / [3]? User:Tatavas contributions--Ghybu (mesac) 17:34, 14 Adare 2013 (UTC)
Do you also attempt to introduce Kurdish characters to Zazaki Wikipedia ? Takabeg (mesac) 17:51, 14 Adare 2013 (UTC)
I reacted just at this sentence: You have to respect his/her first preference.--Ghybu (mesac) 18:03, 14 Adare 2013 (UTC)
User Takabeg says, You have to respect his/her first preference but lets see what Takabeg did here.—Gomadapeyam 19:19, 14 Adare 2013 (UTC)
Because of the title was Kurdish name, I thought (confused) that the use wrote Kurdish with Kurdish characters :) As you know, now I'm trying to learn Zazaki language & Kurdish language. So I re-wrote that article. Anyway, do you think these edits are appropriate per standards of Wikipedias ? Takabeg (mesac) 18:17, 14 Adare 2013 (UTC)
PS. I thought the resolution of "character disputes". It were not so difficult, if the Kurdish characters didn't come along with the Kurdish ethnocentrism. As long as I understand, the supporters of the Kurdish characters (not only here but also real world) claim that the Zazaki language must be one of the dialect of Kurdish language. Takabeg (mesac) 18:25, 14 Adare 2013 (UTC)

Which are traditional Zazaki characters? I know your history knowledge from Commons, so i dont need to discuss. But you should learn much about history and traditions of Zazas. If you want to learn Kurmancî or Dimilî, you should visit a language course. You cant use Dimili (diq) wikipedia as your game-zone. For example, you have made such 1, 2 3 contributions. You cant speak Dimilî, but you try to decide as you are the native speaker. This wikipedia has diq code and the articles should be written in Dimili. For example Mirzali has here and you have here mistake. Mirzali tries to write according to accent of his village (a kirmanjki variant) and you change without knowledge. User Azadi has written information, but you cant understand Zazaki, therefore you changed the writing and showed Dinçer Çekmez as a woman.(learn difference between, ju and jew) The second mistake; you and Mirzali insist on, Ebe filmê Şark Bülbülü zaf biyo namdar. But, in Dimili, there is no Ebe, therefore Dimili speakers put ya after Şark Bülbülü. Thats correct version of Dimili. So, before you tell people to do something, go to learn language please.—Gomadapeyam 18:59, 14 Adare 2013 (UTC)

If my purpose were only to learn languages, the language course had been better selection. My purpose in Zazaki Wikipedia, not only to learn language, but also to create per Wikimedia's policies and spirits and to protect rights of minorities who want to keep their own identity, culture and language from assimilation propaganda. Probably here is game zone for you. Now greater threat against Zaza language and Zazaness is Kurdish ethnocentrism and Pan-Kurdism rather than Turkish nationalism. Takabeg (mesac) 19:18, 14 Adare 2013 (UTC)
As usual, your only arguments; Kurdish ethnocentrism, Kurdish nationalism etc. Thats miserable. But you know what, you behave as you are Zaza and for example, Karber:Xosere, Karber:Azadi and others are not Zazas. Do you protect Zazaki and Zazaness from Zaza people? :D Sorry but we dont need your politicial points of view here. You can try to open a politicial blog instaed of demolish Zazaki language.—Gomadapeyam 19:31, 14 Adare 2013 (UTC)
To solve this issue, I really think that we need to use only Zazaki in this Wikipedia. Speaker from other languages creates unnecessary tension. If a user doesn’t know Zazaki what kind of contribution that person will have anyway. We can create an “embassy page” for non-Zazaki speakers. They could communicate there if necessary. Please see English Wiki page local embassy --Xosere (mesac) 19:20, 14 Adare 2013 (UTC)
You are right, and there is only one user (Takabeg) who makes problem for writing in Zazaki. In none of wiki-projects, somebody who doesnt speak the local language, makes such problem. If somebody doesnt speak local language, he/she just respects to users who can speak the language. But in Zazaki wikipedia, he decides for Zazaki without knowledge. If we will not use Zazaki, how can we help to develop it?—Gomadapeyam 19:31, 14 Adare 2013 (UTC)
I don't think problems caused by language. The recent problem caused by Karber:Xosere's lack of knowledge on policies of Wikipedia. I strongly recommend Xosere to learn policies. As I've said a month before, unfortunately I feel he drags our project into chaos. Takabeg (mesac) 19:38, 14 Adare 2013 (UTC)
@Takabeg;I showed your mistakes and abuse above with proof. When will you accept your mistakes? You just blame other people to hide your mitakes? If we listen to you, we should all leave this project for you.—Gomadapeyam 20:03, 14 Adare 2013 (UTC)